Janitors strive to maintain school


Kelly Hubbard

Annie Cody dresses up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Alyssa Holland, Online Newspaper Editor

  The janitors here at the high school are always going the extra mile in cleaning and helping maintain the school. Between cleaning the bathrooms and keeping up with COVID protocols, they are constantly on the move. This week we are looking to highlight not only our whole janitorial staff, but especially janitor Annie Cody for her hard work and dedication to the school.  

  “Cleaning, making sure the bathroom is clean, make sure garbage is taken out, make sure the spills are picked up off the floor,” Cody said.

   Cody is one of the day shift janitors, who has worked at GCHS for almost 5 years. She  helps maintain the school, although she is not the only member on staff. They consist of two shifts that rotate through day and night.. 

  Every morning Cody along with the other day shift janitorial staff begin their day at 4:00 a.m and start the day with their morning duties. The day janitors enter the school and begin their days early and finish their work at 12:30 p.m. 

   “I come in and dust mop the front lobby, make coffee, clean the coffee pot out in the front office,  do the labs and the library (all four labs), and come back and mop them , and then come back and vacuum the front lobby rug, the back lobby rug, and the front office and the teachers lounge,” Cody said.   

   Cody’s dedication to the high school goes far beyond its physical walls and to the hearts of the students and staff she serves. 

  “Well students and staff, I’ll put it like that, students and staff. Because I love the staff, the staff is  so nice and so nice to me. And the students are, some of them can be not so nice but some of them are mostly nice. You know sorta like that,” Cody said.

   Along with her dedication to the students and staff, Cody always dresses up for spirit week and seasonal holidays. Her participation in the school events is a lively way she is involved in school spirit. 

   Next time you’re going to throw away trash or go to the restroom, be sure to help out our janitorial staff and clean up your mess. We want to give a special shout out to both shifts of our janitorial staff and all they do to maintain and keep the school clean.