Sign Language class becomes available at GCHS


David Pledger teaches the new sign language class during rebel time.

Chandler Stanfill, Staff Reporter

   G.C.H.S. students are now being offered American Sign Language as a class for the first time. 

  In the United States, over 25 million people use American sign language daily. The instructor,  David Pledger, believes that this class is beneficial for students’ future endeavours.

   “It helps them with getting jobs, it tends to pay them 15 percent more for having a second language,” Pledger said. “It also helps with their cognitive development.”

   Pledger believes the students have developed very efficiently throughout the semester.

“It almost came natural to them,” Pledger said.

   “I thought it was the coolest thing ever,” Junior, Chance Davis said. “ The first thing we learned in the class is that millions of americans use sign language to an extent, whether it be their main or just a second language.”

   “I believe this will benefit me so I can help people in the real world,” Freshman, Kylie Maples said. “I’ve learned the alphabet, animals, fruit, and things like that.”

   Pledger hopes to continue to introduce students to new sign language methods and expand their ASL education.