Track team is determined to get through season


Sage Dean, Staff Reporter

   The GCHS track team has had a slow start to the season due to inclement weather.

   Coaches Terry Bradley and Conswayla Bourne are currently holding tryouts for the boys and girls track teams. They are expecting the track team to be composed of around 25-40 athletes.    

   The girls’ first meet will be March 11 and the location is to be determined.. 

   The boys’ first meet will be March 11th as well, in West Harrison.

   According to Bradley, the boys track team should likely excel in sprints this season.

   “It’s our speed guys: Damon Lawrence, Trent Howell, Mojo Dortch, so that’s our strong suit. Those guys are returning runners,” Bradley said. 

   Last year, both teams’ seasons were cut short. This year everyone is working to prevent another cancelation by following CDC guidelines. 

   “Making sure that we’re social distancing and being that track is outdoors, the kids are doing very well making sure they are staying apart and not getting too close. So, we don’t huddle up a lot, we talk to them in small groups based on their event that they’ll participate in,” Bourne said.

Good luck to the track team in their upcoming season!