The culinary arts program advances kitchen


Carlie Bennett, Online editor

   The culinary arts program has recently made some changes in its kitchen. Back in December students began working on a garden to plant foods that they will be using to cook in their kitchen.

   The program received a grant of $5,000 from Blue Cross Blue Shield of America. The program has used the money to buy things like blocks and containers, but still has many other things such as dirt and gravel that they will need to purchase as well. 

   “We have not purchased everything we need yet; we’ll also be getting dirt and gravel, and Eubanks farm has also graciously offered to donate plants for our garden” Frey said.

   According to Frey, they will be planting lots of vegetables such as summer squash, zucchini squash, tomatoes, and herbs. The garden will help incorporate lots of farm to table meals into their kitchen. ”Fresh is always better,” Frey said.

   Not only is the garden going to help bring fresh foods into the kitchen, but it has helped teach many of the students important lessons about more than just cooking. Junior Julia King has learned a lot about teamwork throughout the process. 

   “We had a lot of teamwork when we were building the base of the garden”, King said.

   Frey hopes to start planting food this month so that the plants that take longer to grow can be harvested by May.