Automotive department makes it to top four


Lisa Trepkowski instructs students in automotive class.

Jaida Strahan, Staff Reporter

   The George County High School Automotive Department finished as the top four regional finalists in the 2020 School of the Year competition. Receiving an award of a $500 gift card to O’Reilly’s. So we caught up with Automotive teacher Lisa Trepkowski. 

   ¨After the 20 finalists were announced, they narrowed it down to four regional finalists, and we became the Southern Regional finalist.¨

   Initially when entering the competition back in October, the department was really intrigued in the prize money, which was $10,000. 

    ¨We were looking at the application; and to be quite honest we noticed that the prize money was doubled this year, so we decided why not let´s go for it,¨ Trepkowski said.

   The requirement to enter was that you had to be a secondary or post secondary automotive program. The department had never done this before, so this was a learning experience for Trepkowski and her students. 

   ¨Students had to be themselves, show the world what they can do on video and through student interviews.” said Trepkowski.