Boys powerlifting team moves to next tournament


Alyssa Holland, Online Editor

   Now with the powerlifting season underway our Rebels have moved on to the next tournament. The boys placed third overall in Region 3-6A, and six boys will be moving on to South State. The girls did not qualify to move on to South State.  At their last meet first place in the 148lb class was Cruz Beech, first place in the 308+ class was Tyler Middleton,  second place in the 148lb class  was LaRyan Blackston, third place in the 198lb class was Corie Stinson, third place in the 220lb class was Sam O’Neal, and third place in the 242lb class was Dallas White. 

   The powerlifting team is having to overcome challenges this season with COVID-19. 

“This year we’ve been with the COVID-19 we’ve had to go from nine attempts, which would be three attempts on each lift, squat, bench, and deadlift to seven attempts so we’ve got to figure out what our best lifts are and go from there,” Coach Kennth Burns said.

Despite the challenges they are facing the team is still staying motivated and improving as the season continues.

   “ Just competition between all the guys, I mean I played against them in football so I mean seeing them lifting just makes me want to compete even more,”  Junior Dallas White.  

“Just continuing what I’m doing, I’m doing,”  Junior Tyler Middleton 

 The powerlifting team will be in action on Saturday, March 13 at D’Iberville for South State.