Softball team plans for district


Alyssa Holland, Online Editor

   As the softball season is progressing the team is starting to play in district games. On Friday night the lady Rebels played against Vancleave and lost 9-0. They have already played their first district game against Petal and lost. The team will play their second district game on April 6 against Petal. With the season having a rough start the girls are still hopeful and ready to bounce back. 

   “Just rely on what we have learned in the past and trust ourselves and everything that we practice everyday, just hope it kicks in,” Senior Abby Howard said.

   “ Hopefully we get better everyday, we are struggling a little bit right now, and we have a very young team, so hopefully we just get a little more experience with the plate,” Senior Hallie Williams said.

   With the season continuing the team is always improving. Assistant Coach Stuart Dickerson is seeing a lot of growth from his players. 

   “ We got off to a rough start but we have definitely progressed over the last couple of weeks. We’ve seen a lot of players improve and get better whether it be in the field or offensively hitting we’ve definitely seen some progress there, so we’ve started off a little rough, but we’re starting to really heat up and I think it’s gonna pay well towards the end of the season,” Dickerson said.

   The team has been doing many things to prepare for their games from drills on the field to motivating each other. According to Williams they have been running multiple drills at practice to ensure they are preparing for their games. These drills include outfielder drills, pregame, and drills that help them get down on the ball. Not only do sports have the physical aspect they also have a mental one. Motivation from team members could be the difference between a win or a lose.

   “ They always encourage me and they always cheer for me and help pick me up when I’m down,” Senior Kara Wager said.

   “ We all have each other’s backs and that’s really all we can do,” Howard states. 

   The softball lady Rebels will be in action at home on March 26th against East Central. We are wishing good luck to our softball team.