Baseball team is getting motivated for district


Kayla G. Maples, Staff Reporter

   The Rebel Baseball team has been putting in a lot of work preparing for their district games.

   “Coach Davis has us working long and hard practicing, I feel like everyday we’re just getting better and better.” Senior Andin Bolen said.

   During these district games the team will face some of their biggest competitors in the district. Freshman Jacob Eubanks says that their main competitors in the district will be Oak Grove and Petal. 

   The team will need motivation to push through these district games. Sophomore Klay Fryfogle says that his team helps him stay motivated throughout the season. 

   “ My team, they always have my back during the game, after the game, and before the game.” Fryfogle said.

   The Rebels played their first district against Oak Grove Monday night and their current record is 6 and 9.