Allen returns to career field


Jaida Strahan, Staff Reporter

   In the CTE program, D.C Allen takes over Law and Public Safety.

   Before starting, he helped out by joining classes in the past doing demonstrations for the class. Allen pursued his interest in teaching after a while with it being the career field he came out of.

   “My goal for the year is to try to be the number one Law and Public Safety Program in Mississippi,” Allen said.    

   Allen is originally from Beaumont, Miss. After graduating high school from Central Baptist, he attended MGCCC and the University of Mississippi Medical. 

   “I graduated with an Associate’s degree and Bachelor’s in Health Science,” Allen said.

   When not teaching, he enjoys spending his personal time fishing, water rafting and playing cornhole.

   “Well one thing many people may not know about me is I went skydiving once,” Allen said. 

   This year Allen has personally set a goal for himself to have a successful first year of teaching.