Bishop returns to make difference


Layni Havard, Staff Reporter

   Students’ laughter filled the hallways as the first day of school began. English I teacher Tyler Bishop realized that this was the highlight of his career.

   This year will be Bishop’s first full year of teaching. While he was studying at the University of Southern Mississippi, he went out on many trips to different schools, such as Sumrall High School, Oak Grove High School and St. Martin High School. 

   These experiences would last one to two week, with him teaching one lesson to a class. He learned quite a bit from these trips. 

   “I learned a lot about classroom management and communication with the kids,” Bishop said. 

   After two and a half years at USM, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in English with an education endorsement, and he has an Associates degree in General Studies. Bishop also attended Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College at the Perkinson Campus. 

   Bishop is originally from Lucedale and graduated from George County in 2016 and has returned here to teach after seeing that it was a good school, and all the teachers he loved also taught here.

   “Whenever I got my degree, I wanted to make a difference in the same place that made a difference in me,” Bishop said. 

   Now that he is a teacher, he loves seeing his students and hearing their stories everyday. 

   Bishop has also set goals for himself and the class this year. These goals are to never give up and to never stop learning. 

   “It doesn’t matter what the learning is because some days it’s just learning to get by and other days it will actually be about clauses and phrases,” Bishop said.

   Outside of the classroom, Bishop is a lover of reading, playing video games and binging any show or movie that he can get his hands on. 

   He has recently married to his wife in April, Ashlyn, in April. Together they care for their “fur babies,” Pico, Marvel and Mr. Kitty. 

   Actually, Bishop and his wife are high school sweethearts, he dated for four years and engaged for three before getting married.

   “I first met my wife on the high school band field,” Bishop said. 

   To Bishop, this year is going to be a great one.