Spears returns but as new construction teacher


Libbie Kate Slay, Staff Reporter

Josh Spears is a new teacher at GCHS.  This is his first teaching job, and teaches construction, carpentry and woodwork. 

      Spears is from the Rocky Creek community. He  graduated from George County High School and got his Associate’s degree  from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.    

      Spears  became a teacher for the fact that he thinks school is not all about math or English.

   “I’m here to make a difference and steer kids into the right direction,” Spears said.

  He likes how all of the students are different in their own way. 

      “It makes it interesting,” Spears said.     

      Some goals for this year are to get the kids to learn something and to build at least five  projects every nine  weeks. They have already started building a shelf for the front office. 

      A few of Spear’s family members were teachers as well. His grandmother taught at Rocky Creek Elementary, and his aunt and uncle, Danielle and Jason Frey, are teachers as well at GCHS. Spears  just recently got married September 18. He is looking forward to his teaching experience at GCHS.