Moore accepts girl’s basketball coaching position


Kayla G. Maples, Staff Reporter

Coming from Hancock High School, Algebra II teacher Charles Moore joins GCHS staff as the new girl’s basketball coach. 

   Moore’s goal for this season is to get out of district with the hopes of winning a state championship. He  knows that accomplishing  this goal  will take hard work and dedication from him and his squad. 

   After getting his college education from the University of Southern Mississippi, Moore has been teaching for 34 years. Over that time span, he has developed and acquired many pet peeves.

   “ One of my pet peeves is students not taking responsibility for their education.” Moore said. 

   In addition, he favors teaching juniors over the other classmen due to their upright maturity level. 

   Furthermore, Moore ultimately wanted to educate so he can carry on the tradition of having teachers in his family. Currently, he has five educators in his family not including himself. Also, he has always been interested in coaching, which led him to be a coach for George County Basketball. 

   Not only has Moore been awarded Teacher of the Year, but he has also received a STAR Teacher award he received his teacher of the year award from Hancock High School, where he also received the star teacher award.

   Outside of being an educator, he enjoys many things such as spending time with his family, cooking out and swimming.