Thompson transfers to high school as new CTE counselor


Reece Cooley, Staff Reporter

 New CTE Counselor Barbara Thompson is making it her goal to serve GCHS students and staff in any way she can this year.

   “I was inspired to become a counselor by working with my church youth group,” Thompson said.

   Thompson is from Lucedale and graduated from George County High School in 2003. After, she went to the University of South Alabama and graduated with a Bachelor of social work in 2012. She then went to the University of Southern Mississippi and graduated with a Master of Education in school counseling in 2019. 

  In high school, Thompson was a part of The Student Press newspaper with Leona O’Neal. Some of her best memories were made while working on the newspaper. She had such a good experience, that last year, when a student at Central Elementary wanted to start a newspaper, she was able to work with the staff as their sponsor. 

  Coming from Central Elementary, she is starting her third year as a school counselor. Her first year in education was the year that the pandemic hit. She was a brand new counselor when all of the sudden there were no students on campus to counsel.

   “One of my favorite things about being a school counselor is talking to students about their futures and what they want to do when they get out of high school,” Thompson said.

   Thompson enjoys spending time with her two nieces, Annalee who is eight, and Katie who is three. They are her favorite people, and they keep her busy.

   During her free time, Thompson enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. She also loves watching TV, and if she had to choose her favorite show, it would be Friends. 

   Thompson loves going to the mountains and traveling all around the United States. Her lifelong dream and goal is to travel to all 50 states. One of her favorite memories is traveling to Alaska.

   “My main goal is to serve the students and staff at GCHS in any way I can!” Thompson said.