George County welcomes new attendance clerk


Alyssa Holland, Online Editor

   Attendance and truancy reports are a daily part of new attendance clerk Danielle Breland’s job. When she first arrived in George County, she was originally in the school district as a sub, but later she was offered a position as an attendance clerk.

   Breland graduated from Theodore High School in Mobile, and when she moved to George County, one of her favorite things was the small town feel. 

    Breland’s goals for this year range from being the best she can at her job to adding onto her house.

   “Really just trying to be the best I can be in my position. Some personal goals I have is we are adding onto our house, so we are trying to get things done around there. We are working on starting a cattle farm at our house so that’s one of our goals for this year,” Breland said.

   Breland has always loved to be around kids, and prior to her job at the high school she taught Pre-K for 7 years at Cottage Hill Christian Academy. 

“I loved being around little kids, and I started doing it whenever my daughter went to preschool, and I enjoyed it so much I stayed,” Breland said. 

   Breland has been married for 12 years and has one daughter in the fourth grade. During her free time she enjoys working out and listening to music.