Vaccines create controversy among students


Carlie Bennett, Online Editor

    When the coronavirus began in December of 2019 vaccinations for the deadly disease started to become a serious concern.

   With cases on the rise and people all around the world getting sick, vaccinations were introduced on December 11, 2020. According to the Center of Disease Control, since then around 55.9 percent of the U.S. population has been fully vaccinated.

   Although a large percentage of the population has chosen the vaccine, less than half have decided not to be vaccinated. One of the George County High School students who have made this decision is senior Breanna Lewis. Having lost a family member to this disease just weeks after being vaccinated has contributed to Lewis not wanting the vaccine.

      “I have had a family member that got vaccinated and then she got COVID and died about two weeks ago. That’s another reason why I’m not wanting to get it,” Lewis said.

   According to Lewis, the coronavirus is just like the flu, people were getting sick and dying so vaccinations were made and now that people are dying from COVID, vaccines were made for this too.

  “COVID is just like having the flu because when the flu first came out people died from it and they made vaccines but now COVID is the new flu and people are dying from it and are having to get vaccines,” Lewis said.

   On the other hand, there are many people who have made the choice to get vaccinated. Sophomore Harmony Jack is one of those people. Although she was skeptical in the beginning, after getting the vaccine she decided that it was what she wanted. 

   ¨My grandma basically made me get the vaccine, but I eventually decided that I wanted it,¨ Jack said.

   Although it can be different for everyone, Jack experienced no COVID like symptoms after receiving the vaccine.

     With many conflicting opinions concerning the vaccine, one thing both sides seem to agree on is that getting the vaccine should be a personal choice and not a mandate.

   ¨In my opinion, you should get the vaccine if you want to. Don’t get it because your friend or someone else is getting it,” Jack said.

   ¨I do not believe that you should be forced into getting a vaccine; it should be your personal choice,¨ Lewis said.