Brown gives insight on TikTok fame


Grace L. Morgan

Senior Conner Brown discusses his series “Weirdest things on Facebook Marketplace” part-27 on TikTok.

Grace L. Morgan, Staff Reporter

   As an influencer to over 447,800 fans, senior Conner Brown shows his creativity through making short clips on the teen-trendy app TikTok. 

   Brown has gained a total of 7.3 million likes on all of his videos combined for the past two years he has been a creator. 

   When Brown started his account(iamconnerbrown), his first video was of him and his brothers dancing, which was just meant as a joke. However, it went viral and he received over 120,000 views.  

   At the point when Brown had around 220,000 followers, the TikTok operators admitted that they had accidentally banned his account from the app. Meaning, he could no longer have access to his account or create videos for that account. Luckily, he had a backup account where he could notify his fans about what happened. After emailing the operators 21 times, they finally responded and set his account back in motion. He felt very lucky to get his account back, unlike some of the other creators who were banned during the same time period. 

   “I was actually going to quit TikTok. I was thinking maybe it was the universe telling me to quit,” Brown said. “I was sad for about a couple hours.”

   Since getting his account back in June of 2021, Brown has made a total of $474 on creating videos. Due to TikTok’s strict limits, Brown cannot obtain his earnings until he is 18. For every 1,000 views he recieves on his videos, he gains five cents. Furthermore, once he got to 100,000 followers, Brown officially got put into the TikTok Creator Fund.

   Some of Brown’s video series include “What your favorite drink says about you”, “Weirdest things on Facebook Marketplace”, “Craziest Redneck inventions”, “Rating my followers trucks”, “Scariest urban legends of the southern states” and “Unpopular country music opinions”.

   In response to the majority of Brown’s followers, who are mostly Southern, he tries his best to keep all of his videos Southern oriented. He focuses a lot on popular drinks in the South so his spectators have something to relate to. In similarity, he tries to use as much comedy as possible in his videos to put a smile on viewers faces. Brown believes when trying to outreach to the TikTok community, you have to adapt to trends and what your viewers prefer. 

   Additionally, the series “What your favorite drink says about you” is what made Brown’s account become sensationally popular. Also, the “Weirdest things on Facebook Marketplace” sequence got him multiple million-viewed videos and ended up being a 31-part series. 

   Moreover, when thinking about new themes for his films, Brown believes that his ideas come to him. If Brown does not have a clear aim for his topic, he may be inspired while browsing the web.

   To increase his publicity and include his fans in his content, Brown asked his followers to send in pictures of their trucks for the sequence “Rating my followers trucks”.

   In addition, when dealing with negative feedback, Brown believes disregarding it is the best way to handle it. 

   “Sure one person hates me, but I have 447,000 people that love me,” Brown said. “Why would I ever let one person take that away?”

   Between making video series, Brown experiences what he calls writer’s block. This is a point in time where he cannot figure up any ideas for making an array of videos. Instead, he tries to give a humorous reaction to other people’s videos to be consistent with his content. 

   Furthermore, as a TikTok influencer, Brown gets many offers concerning advertisements. He has promoted multiple hat companies including Old South, and even a nutritional company that helped people get off of nicotine addictions. 

   Brown’s favorite thing about TikTok is being interactive with people. He felt very moved when one of his fans reached out to him and told him he saved his life. This made Brown feel accomplished and empowered about his content. 

   “What I love the most is interacting with people. Sure the videos are cool and funny, but the fact that I get DMs all the time saying how much I make people laugh, that’s what’s cool to me,” Brown said. “I could care less about the videos.”