Volleyball concludes their season


Libbie Kate Slay

Lady Rebels huddle before game.

Layni Havard, Staff Reporter

   The Lady Rebels volleyball team has a record of 5-8 in the season and a district record of 2-4.

   Leading the team in 81 kills is senior Charitie Penton and junior Brinklee Eubanks with 67 kills. Junior Ashton Fairley is also leading with 52 kills.

   This year, the Lady Rebels got to experience going up against challenging opponents this year due to the 5A division. 

   Penton feels like the new division helped the team a lot, because they are going up against challenging opponents. 

   “I was glad that we got to compete with better levels of volleyball and to just face new people,” Penton said.

   According to Volleyball Coach Tyler Denmark, they have to get their mindset into competing with them on the same level. 

   Coach Denmark recalls the girls going up against Vancleave and winning in the first set. However, they dropped three after that. 

   “I think that’s a lot of player confidence and mindset,” Denmark said. “That’s something that we’ve identified and will work on for next season.”

   This year, there were only three home games, which for many of the team members is disappointing. 

   “It’s disappointing as a senior, because most of the time people can’t drive to away games,” Penton said. 

    Although, freshman Lilly Knowles’ view contrasts from Penton’s. 

    “It sucks, because home games are my favorite, but I can deal with it,” Knowles said. “Just roll with the punches, I guess.”

   The limitation of home games changes the dynamic and expectations of the season. There was always the classic routine of home game, away game and another home game. 

   “It’s thrown the rhythm off. It makes the season feel uncertain,” Denmark said.  

   The gym floor underwent repairments, which affected the practices for volleyball. Causing the team to commute to the middle school to practice while the repairs took place. 

   According to Denmark  it takes off a lot of court time, because they have to travel to the middle school and then come all the way back for lunch. 

   “It’s really inconvenient,” Sophomore Carrington Broderick said. 

   However the changes in routine for the players here have not changed their mindset or focus. According to Penton, they have worked hard to identify their mistakes to improve in further games/seasons.