Mayor’s Youth Council


Lucedale City Hall

Jaida Strahan, Staff Reporter

   The Mayor’s Youth Council is searching for ways to become more involved with their community and enhance their leadership skills.

   For a few years, the council has not been active. The idea of bringing back the council came from Lucedale Mayor Doug Lee.

   “I need younger minds and some new ideas because these are students of the future here in George County,” Mayor Lee said.  

   According to the Mayor, ultimately the goal in the future is to have the members more knowledgeable of their local government and possibly have them ready for the future to run for office. Learning more about the government will come through attending the Board of Alderman meetings and holding their own meetings, so far there have been two. 

    A few of the new council members were selected by principal Sid Taylor. 

   “We chose five students to serve on the committee we took and looked at some of the highest GPAs from each grade. Students who were looking to be a part of the community service projects and local city government,” principal Sid Taylor said. 

   The chairperson of the youth council senior Lindee Wilson feels that this is a huge honor and very exciting for her personally.

   “I’ve always been interested in the way our government works, but now I am specifically going to get to see how Lucedale works,” Wilson said.

   There are many misconceptions about the government and how it works. Mayor Lee hopes to teach committee members and students on how the government properly works.

    The youth council currently has three sponsors: teachers Kelly Hubbard, Chloe McMillan and Brittney Roberts. 

   If anyone is interested in being a part of the Youth Council see sponsor Kelly Hubbard to fill out an application and learn more.