Christmas decorating season quickly approaches


Alyssa Holland

Fire crackles next to a decorated tree.

Alyssa Holland, Online Editor

   An open fireplace crackles as the stockings are hung high above the flame. The scents of the season overwhelm you, the seasonal foods, the aroma from the fresh tree, and the baked goods you have prepared. It is Christmas time again, and the time for decorating is now.     

   The battling question busy families find themselves asking every year is, ¨When is the best time to decorate for Christmas?¨. Christmas decorating should not have a time restriction placed upon it. Christmas time is a time of joy and happiness for most, so why limit a good thing?

   Busy families, who are always on the move, might not have time to decorate as much as they want as the Christmas season moves closer. Like most, I am constantly on the go whether it be moving throughout my busy school day and extracurricular schedule or running each direction on the weekends with work, soccer and family time. This makes it increasingly difficult to find time to decorate so when free weekends present themselves earlier in the year, the opportunity to decorate for Christmas crosses my mind.

   Christmas decorations are progressively hitting the shelves faster and faster each year. As more people decorate their houses earlier, the Christmas decorations are coming sooner. Merchants are putting their products out before the Christmas season to earn more profit. This shows that an increasing amount of people are beginning to decorate for the holidays now versus waiting until later.

   With the last two years of COVID, daily life has become significantly harder for everyone, and what once was considered ¨normal¨ will never be the same. The progression of the last two years has been stressful and painful for not only the world but also our local community. So, if putting up some decorations for the holidays, a little sooner, can help relieve and decompress people, the benefits should surpass the time restriction.    

   However, some people prefer a more traditional holiday season which entails putting up the decorations closer to Christmas. While some see this as the better option, others prefer to savor the season and celebrate longer. These traditional ways do not compare with today’s society, which has been everything but traditional. 

   Now, think of a time where you can hear the sweet Christmas music, see the dazzling lights and taste your favorite meal. Let the Christmas decorations fly off the shelves because it is that time of year once more.