Retired teacher still impacts lives


Mike Wilson

Retierd teacher and sub Mike Wilson

Libbie Kate Slay, Staff Reporter

 Retired teacher  Mike Wilson has not been in the classroom full time in 11 year.

   Wilson retired in 2010 after teaching for 50 years. He taught history for grades seventh and eighth. “ My favorite thing to teach has always been World War II.  “It was one of the biggest events in our nation’s history,” Wilson said. “Students need to know how our nation was and how it came to be now and what it’s becoming”.

   Wilson became a teacher because he loves sharing his knowledge with students. He is one of the few teachers who can entertain and teach his students at the same time. 

   After Wilson retired he still loved teaching. “I wasn’t ready to stop teaching completely so I started subbing and teaching topics such as World War I for teachers every chance I got,” Wilson said. 

   He also touches on topics such as health and fitness. “ Teenagers eat so badly and at this age they really need to be getting nutrients,” Wilson said. 

    Wilson has made an impact on thousands of students’ lives throughout his years teaching, and he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.