Evans makes pumpkin rolls


Abbie Evans makes pumpkin rolls for small business. Photo credit: Abbie Evans

Kayla G. Maples, Staff Reporter


   As the fall season approaches freshman Abbie Evan’s pumpkin rolls are a big hit in the  community.

  Evans normally starts making the pumpkin rolls around Thanksgiving. Each year she has returning customers that automatically are first on the preorder list.

   “I have returners every year that I know wants them so I’ll message them privately.” Evans said. 

   Other customers will make orders by contacting her mom through social media. Evans has a total of 25 to 30 customers each season.

   She makes two different types of pumpkin rolls. The original pumpkin rolls are $15, and the pumpkin rolls with pecans are $16. Evans makes a profit of $7 each sale after she takes out money for her ingredients which are a little more expensive now due to products rising .

    “I made about nine in three hours typically each one take 15 minutes to cook,” Evans said. 

   Evans has been making the pumpkin rolls for 4 years. She uses her grandma’s recipe. Her mother taught her how to make the pumpkin rolls.