Students, staff budget for gift giving


A representation of holiday budgeting.

Alyssa Holland, Online Editor

   With the Christmas season of giving quickly approaching, many people are financially preparing. Budgeting can be vital for many during the holiday season to not only ensure everyone has a gift but also to guarantee the giver is still financially stable.  

   Budgeting varies from person to person. This includes and is not limited to hand-making gifts, cutting down on or using cheaper wrapping options, setting aside monthly income in banking accounts such as Christmas Clubs ( banking accounts that automatically take part of your monthly check and set it aside for Christmas and also build interest over time), making limits for each gift and person or drawing names to buy for in larger families.

   “Just here and there, each paycheck we buy certain stuff each month building up so it’s not necessarily that we save money we just buy ahead of time,” teacher Theresa Vanvleck said.

   When people are buying for their families, everyone views it in different ways. While students tend to stick to a budget, teachers are more concerned with getting their friends and family what makes them happy. 

  According to senior Will Ivey, his average amount to spend on his close family would be roughly $100. However, teacher Kelly Hubbard states, “ I just try to get them what they want, something that will make them happy, and then I just try to keep it even.”

   Throughout the years online shopping has become increasingly popular. Some prefer to do it online because of its convenience and easy use; others prefer to touch and hold what they are purchasing. 

   “I love online shopping a lot more because it is so much more convenient, but I do like to in-person shop, but I get tired easy,” sophomore Greenleigh Strahan said.

“I like to online shop, but I also like to go and see what the stores have,” Vanvleck said. “It’s something about holding something in your hand and seeing it.” 

   Ways to make Christmas shopping cost-effective and enjoyable are easy and can become simple habits. suggests budgeting money, saving on wrapping, looking for inexpensive gift alternatives and to find extra savings. Remember to use smart financial techniques this holiday season while finding friends and family the perfect gifts.