Jamison continues healing process


GCHS Journalism

Layla Jamison, Julianne Davis, and Mackenize Yawn enjoy 2021 prom.

Jaida Strahan and Carlie Bennett

    On August 30, 2021 after Hurricane Ida a portion of Highway 26 collapsed resulting in a fatal accident that affected our community. The tragic accident resulted in three deaths and nine injuries. 

   Before emergency repairs began, the spot that collapsed was estimated to be around 50-foot-wide and 30-foot-deep. However, with heavy rainfall after the hurricane the severity of the damaged highway worsened.

   While the highway was being repaired, motorists were required to take the detour through Frank Murphy Road and Cochran Town Road. However with unusually heavy traffic the road developed more damage in 10 weeks than the past 10 years. 

    One of the injured was senior Layla Jamison. Moving forward in her recovery, she continues to grow stronger at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

   “I had 28 surgeries within the course of 16 days, and hopefully I won’t need anymore,” Layla said.

   As a result of the accident Layla had suffered many broken bones including her legs, arms, and her back. In addition to the many external injuries she had, there were also many internal issues as well.

   For Layla some days can be good and some days harder than others, but even on the hardest days staying positive keeps her going.

   “Coming home, I just wanna go home, that’s what motivates me,” Layla said.

   Since the accident Jamison’s mom has been staying at the Shepherd Center with her, so her dad can continue working. According to Layla’s mom, Kimberly Jamison, this has been the most sensible option for their family.

   “Obviously I don’t work and Bobby does, so it just makes sense that he keeps his job and works so I’m here. Basically during the holidays he’ll be here so that’s kind of how it has played out,” Kimberly said.

   With Layla being so far from her home and her family, spending holidays together has been difficult. However Jamison hopes for her dad and siblings to come to Atlanta so they can be together for Christmas.

   “I’m hoping for Christmas, since now they’ve lifted some of their covid restrictions, that I’ll be able to go out and the family come up here to be able to spend time together,” Layla said.

   Although recovery has been challenging, Layla and her family hope for her to come home shortly after the new year. 

   “I miss you guys and hopefully I’ll be able to come back and finish out the school year with you, but if not I’ll still be supporting my Class of 2022”, Layla said.