Soccer, basketball prepares for district games


Grace L. Morgan

Lady Rebel Basketball player holds onto the ball.

Kayla G. Maples, Staff Reporter

   Midway through their seasons, soccer and basketball are continuing to train and prepare for the upcoming district games.

   Assistant soccer coach Anna Grace Cooley thinks that the Lady Rebels soccer team will be approaching the district games more confidently with the team now being in the 5A division.

  “I would say we are approaching them more confidently, not saying that we weren’t confident in 6A, but in 5A, the opponents aren’t as tough I guess you could say as in 6A.” Cooley said.

   As of right now their record is 9-2-1, and the Lady Rebels are continuing to train to beat their current record.

  Due to the team being in the 5A division, they can focus on the attack more than just defense in the upcoming district games.

   Along with the Lady Rebels, the Rebels soccer team is preparing for the upcoming games by staying in shape.

   “A lot of rest, drinking a lot of water, keeping ourselves in shape and injury free.” senior Christopher Wagner said.

   Senior Noah Fayard says that the team’s goal is to win state and push themselves as far as possible.

   The team continues to keep each other motivated throughout the season. 

For the Rebel basketball team, their district games will not start until Jan. 4 against East Central, followed by Vancleave and then Gauiter.

   They are playing non-conference games to get ready for the district games.

   “ You know we’re playing are non conference games right now trying to figure out you know how we’re going to play, who we’re going to play, and the type and the style that we will play That’s why we do the non conference games just so we can get our guys ready for the district.” boys basketball Coach Terry Bradley said.

   The team being in the 5A division has not changed practices because they still have to work hard no matter if they are in the 6A division or 5A division.

The Lady Rebel basketball team had a good start to their season and are also preparing for district games. One of their goals is to get as many points as possible during the district games.

   Some of the players have been practicing extra hard to achieve the team’s goals.

   “ How I prepare myself individually is, I take mental notes on what I do during the day, and during practice and I understand the mistakes that I do and even if I fail at what I do I keep pushing on more and not influencing myself but influencing other people around me to do more” Senior Janelle Bradshaw said.

   Bradshaw thinks that the team would get further if they would stop being comfortable with giving up.

   Both soccer teams will continue their district games on Tuesday by traveling to Vancleave to face the Bulldogs.

   The basketball teams will be traveling to Perry Central on Tuesday and then will be back at home on Thursday, hosting the Aggies from Forest Count.