Gas prices rise rapidly


Gas prices are rising quickly.

Jaida Strahan, Staff Reporter

After rising dramatically, the price of gas reached a new record high, which stood just at 14 years until March 9.

   “Gas prices have been rising very rapidly I have had to budget a little differently than I have had in the past with gas being $4 in Mobile, which is where I commute from every day,” English teacher Brittney Roberts said. 

   Not everyone has seen a drastic change in gas prices when filling up their vehicle, but some have seen an increase. 

   “For me it used to be on the upper end of $30. Now I’m surpassing about $50 on my fill up just because of the way gas prices have been rising,” Roberts said.

   For some people, the prices have not really affected them yet. Prices are expected to rise into the summer, which may affect plans for some drivers. Some people may decide to put some plans or summer trips on hold until the prices start to decrease.   

   “This summer I do plan going out and hanging out a little more when I get off work. But if gas keeps staying up, I may have to pocket a little more cash before I can go and do anything,” sophomore Boston Eubanks said. 

   As of now the average gas price nationally is $4.32 a gallon. The state of Mississippi average price for regular gas is $3.92 and for diesel is $4.90. As of now, it is unpredictable what the prices could be like next.