Spirit squad visits elementary schools


Holly Hulbert

Spirit Squad visit L.C. Hatcher to motivate students.

Khalyce Griffin, Staff Reporter

   For the past two weeks, the cheer, dance and color guard have been on a mission to get students up and ready to pass their state tests.

   With state testing going on in the district, teachers were looking to inspire students to do their absolute best.

   “Before COVID we were able to go to elementary schools but basically what they have asked us to do is come do like a mini little prep rally to hype them up since they don’t have their own teams to do it for them,” cheer sponsor Holly Hulbert said.

   The teams traveled to Central, Agricola, L.C Hatcher, and Benndale performing dances such as the “Cha Cha Slide” and the “Chicken Dance” with the kids responding back strongly. 

   “The first school we went to was L.C. Hatcher; they didn’t know we were coming and when we walked out they were over the moon excited. They were screaming, cheering, and yelling,” Kysten West said.

   Nevertheless, the younger students have state testing throughout the end of school, so remember to wish your younger siblings good luck on their test.