Mayor’s Youth Council works to improve the community


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Mayor’s Youth Council.

Jaida Strahan, Staff Reporter

 The Mayor’s Youth Council is hoping to see their leadership skills, commitment levels strengthened, and their power to take initiative in serving our community in different capacities.  

   “Right now we have 12 members,” sponsor Kelly Hubbard said.

   Being a part of the council gives you the opportunity to try to attend the City Board meetings once a month on the first Tuesday to listen, to discuss and organize community service projects. Recently sophomore youth council member Alyssa Holland voiced her concerns at the April meeting about street signs in Lucedale specifically being the stop signs. 

   As of now, the council is working throughout the community to replace broken street signs and add reflective tape to existing signs that are hard to see at night. 

      “Right now I am helping make a difference in the Mayor’s Youth Council by helping introduce projects to the board such as the stop sign project that I introduced last month,“ Holland said. 

   The council does not plan to stop once school lets out; they will continue throughout the summer. 

   “This summer we are planning on going to the Mississippi Municipal League Conference in Biloxi with Mayor Doug Lee and aldermen, so we are excited about that,” Hubbard said.