Reus works to protect school

Alyssa Holland, Online Editor

  With the safety protocols increasing this school year, Officer Adam Reus has stepped up to tackle the challenge as a new member of the high school law enforcement division.

   Reus’s main goal in the school is to protect the students and staff on campus and restore the relaxed atmosphere he remembers during his time here. Reus continuously moves around the school to monitor the halls and check for anyone not supposed to be on campus.

   According to Reus, coming back to the high school he spent time at has been a refreshing experience. 

   “It’s refreshing, it’s refreshing to be back here and some of my old teachers are still here and such as that, and people I know,” Reus said. 

   For 12 years, Reus has dedicated his life to law enforcement. He started his career at the George County Sheriff’s Department and stayed there for a year until he was sent to Camp Shelby to complete his police academy training through the Southern Regional Public Safety Institute. 

   In starting his new job, he set a list of goals he wishes to achieve to restore a comfortable atmosphere. 

   “My goal would be to try to get the school back to where it is more relaxed instead of more lockdown and more worried about the outside coming in and what have you. I would like to eventually get it back to where it was when I went to school here. More relaxed and people had time, you weren’t rushing from class to class because you were worried about what someone else was doing,” Reus said.

   While Officer Reus is very serious about his job in ensuring the safety of the school, he also always wants to help make everyone’s day and let people know, he is very approachable. 

   “I’m all business when it’s time for business, and I’m easy to get along with when it’s not,” Reus said.