Former dancer joins teaching staff

Grace L. Morgan, Staff Reporter

   Ever since she was three years old, life skills teacher Kelly Dixon has danced her heart out up to the delivery of her first born child. 

   Starting her eighth grade year, Dixon became a dance instructor after previously mastering the sport. Through her high school years, she was a member of the cheer and dance team. As a result of her determination and talent, Dixon received a dance scholarship to the University of Mobile. Following up her college education, she resumed instructing at studios in Mobile, Citronelle and Hurley for four to five years.

   Dixon attended high school at Satsuma High, in Saraland, Ala. Instead of pursuing her dancing career, she chose to attend the University of Alabama where she obtained her Bachelor of Science. Before she began her teaching career, she also worked as a receptionist. 

   For 17 years, Dixon has lived in George County. Previously, she has taught at Agricola Elementary, L.C. Hatcher Elementary, Central Elementary and as a teacher assistant in special education at Rocky Creek Elementary. Currently, this is her sixth year in the George County district and her fourth year as a certified teacher. 

   Since it is her first year at the high school, she is having to get used to the flow of things. 

   “I love it so far,” Dixon said. “It is new, so it’s taking some adjusting from elementary to here.” 

   While in her thoughts, Dixon realized she would enjoy being able to teach older students. Fortunately, the opportunity presented itself. As a big change switching from elementary schools, she loves the high school teaching experience she has already gained. 

   As a life skills teacher, her main goal for this year is to allow the students to learn one thing that they can use in their daily lives. 

   “The motto for me is you’re not teaching them skills, you’re teaching them to live their life,” Dixon said. 

   Being a teacher has helped her to gain qualities including patience and understanding. In addition, she has come to realize that every single student has a different style of learning. As a result, teachers have to adapt to those styles in order for students to execute their best work. Moreover, Dixon believes every student can make an effort and attempt work. 

   “Everybody can learn so just try,” Dixon said.

   Furthermore, Dixon has been married for 17 years and has two children. Her main focus is to spend more time with her family. Considering hobbies, she, as well as her family, enjoys watching football, her husband drag race and her sons play baseball. 

   “If I could travel the world and watch my sons play baseball, I would in a heartbeat,” Dixon said. 

   However, her family is divided as half Alabama football supporters and Mississippi State supporters. As an effect, watching each team play includes an equal amount of cheers and “boos” at the Dixon’s house.