VanVleck follows parents’ footsteps

Kayla G. Maples, Staff Reporter

  Following in her parents footsteps, English teacher Molly VanVleck starts her teaching journey.

   VanVleck says that teaching is in her blood because both her parents are in education. Her parents are English teacher Theresa VanVleck and inclusion teacher Walter VanVleck.

    She graduated college from the University of Southern Mississippi and is working on getting her master’s degree in teaching from William Carey University.

   VanVleck’s goal this year for her students is to encourage them to read more and be more passionate about reading. 

   “Reaching those students that don’t enjoy English class and helping them enjoy it,” VanVleck said.

   One of her pet peeves is when they are silent reading in class and a student is digging in their book bag.

   An interesting fact about VanVleck is that her middle name ,Mei,is spelled with Hawaiian origins. Her parents decided to spell it this way because that is where she was born. Even though she was born in Hawaii, she has spent most of her life in George County.

   Due to VanVleck’s love for reading she has named one of her two dogs after an author.

   “ I have two, a cocker spaniel named Eddie after Edgar Allen Poe and a bloodhound named Daisy,” VanVleck said.