Math department adds new teacher.

Sydney R. PIttman, Staff Reporter

   Geometry teacher Veronica Byrd may not be from George County, but she is glad that she is here now. She is a geometry teacher and has been teaching at Richton High School for 16 years.

   The thing that brought Byrd to George County is that she has heard lots of great things about here. She also really wanted to experience a bigger school community.

”At my old school, everyone literally knew everyone,” Byrd said.

She graduated from Richton High School and attended Jones Junior College and transferred to University of Southern Mississippi to obtain a bachelor’s degree. 

   Byrd loves it here so far. Her overall goal in school is to become an administrator. Byrd wants to be an administrator, because she wants to make the big decisions. Also to increase her knowledge about the school. 

   One of her biggest pet peeves is a student using a pen and messing up and having to scratch it off. “I hate when kids do this, and it happens everyday,” Byrd said.

   Byrd has been married to Kelly Byrd for 36 years. Byrd was not able to have kids, so she had adopted her son Gary, who is 36 years old. Because they adopted him one year after they got married. “I can never forget his birthday or my anniversary.” Byrd said. Byrd’s husband is the pastor of Canaan Missionary Baptist Church in Lucedale, MS out on Hwy 26.

   Some things she loves to do outside of school include hanging out with nieces and nephews and teaching them how to cook. “My husband told me I should make my own cookbook,” Byrd said. She loves to make centerpieces bouquets corsages and pretty much anything you want of flowers.