Williams looks for new possibilities at GC

Kalifornia Gentry, Staff Reporter

   One of George County’s High’s new teachers once said as a child, he would never be a teacher.

   Derrick Williams Jr., is the new instructor of computer science and engineering. In addition to being the assistant band director in charge of the percussion. He graduated from Delta State University wanting to pursue a career path in the tech and music world.

   “When it comes to me going through life I think it’s a sense of self discovery and achievement.”William said, which is the main reason why he chose this job to see what he is capable of and if he can run a more technical class. According to William, finding more things he can do rather than just trying to do one is his biggest motivator in life.

   William believes that every student should learn practical skills and information. “Student’s whether they realize it or not…they are using the information that they are learning,” he said. He believes that every kid needs to learn as much as they can while in school. While not only will it make one’s life easier in the long run but one will also apply that knowledge later on in life.

   Williams did mention that if he had not become a teacher the career path he would have chosen would either be in the tech or astronomy field. “After teaching this class I do think I would have gone in the more technical route,” he said.

   William also loves space, which has opened his mind up to the career path of astronomy, but he is also a musician! “Music is a great self expression,” he said. Willam is now sharing his love for music by becoming an assistant band director.

   While Williams’ school life is full of excitement, so is his outside life. In his free time, he enjoys being outside. “I love the fact that this community has a park.” William said. Now after school he can go and relieve the stresses of his days in the midst of nature. He also enjoys playing video games and instruments as well.

   “I specifically remember sitting in math class and thinking, ‘wow,I will never become a teacher,’” he said. William is excited to discover the new possibilities that George County has to offer.