Christian joins CTE department

Halle J. Cecchi, Staff Reporter

    In 10 years of teaching, special populations teacher Laney Christian has worked at 15 different schools in three different school districts. 

   Christian has taught in George, Jasper and Jackson counties. Christian says that one district made her more appreciative of other schools she has worked at because of how things were run. 

   Christian got a bachelor’s degree in speech pathology. In all her years of being in the education system she was a speech therapist for elementary students. This mostly included traveling to different schools helping children in small groups with any speech problems.  

    Christian grew up in Vancleave and met her husband, who works in the National Guard, and has moved here to live with him. 

   After working in the education system for so long she decided it was time for a whole change of pace. For a short time, she worked for a local business. 

   After receiving a phone call from a high school administrator, Christian decided to return to education to work in the Career Technical Education department keeping track of the CTE students and assisting the CTE students. 

   Her goals for the new school year is to learn all the ins and outs of the job, be the best she can be and service her students to the highest of her ability.

   Her favorite things about high school so far are her colleagues and the change of pace from elementary to high school students. 

   “My colleagues are really welcoming and nice. And it’s fun to have a change of pace with working with older students,”  Christian said. 

   Some of Christian’s favorite things are volleyball, boating with her family and reading. She coaches volleyball at a club with her sister. Some more upcoming hobbies Christian wants to try is learning musical instruments. 

   A pet peeve of Christian people coming to report something very small someone did, or as she put it, “tattle tales.” 

   Christian loves acts of service. She will rarely ask for help, but if someone notices she needs it she will gladly accept it. 

   Her motto for teaching is “The child who loves the least needs love the most.”

   She wants everyone to know that she has a servant’s heart, enjoys creating relationships and loves being a part of the faculty at the high school. 

   “This is a very huge blessing that I never could have anticipated, but it’s probably one of the biggest blessings,” Christian said.