New teacher cooks up storm

Gavin Bradley, Staff Reporter

   Grabbing opportunities can change one’s life for the better, as it did for one of George County’s newest teachers. 

 Culinary Arts teacher Ashton Estis has always dreamed of being a teacher, but there were no openings. So she spent years working at the district office as a benefits specialist. 

Estis has always been a resident of George County.   She graduated from GCHS in 2006, then graduated from Mississippi Gulf Coast in 2010. This year is her first year teaching at the high school. Estis said that she is very excited to teach this year.

  She always has a lot on her plate but finds time to do what she loves most, which is taking care of her family. She also loves to listen to audiobooks while she mows. 

 “ I am a happy and energetic person, and I spread joy wherever I go,” she said.

   Besides trying to cheer everyone up, her main goal is to prepare her students for Culinary Arts II, which is the second part of her class. She says her job is to teach her students the basics of cooking and the ability to work together. 

“ I like cooking because you can be making a recipe you’ve made a hundred times and not cook it the same way twice,” Estis said.