Former player begins teaching career

Ben Wallace, Staff Reporter

  “Smile and speak, you never know who might need it,” said new teacher and coach Craig Agee.

   The former Tuskegee University wide receiver coach received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in sports psychology from the University of Jacksonville State in 2008.

   Agee is a native of Taylorsville, Miss., and was a tri-sport athlete winning state titles in both track and football. The factor that drove this star-studded coach to our team was his former head coach James Ray.

   As a punt returner in college, he managed to sport more than 1,000 yards over 4 consecutive seasons. Along with 700 plus yards as a receiver in two seasons. This led to him receiving All-Conference and All-American honors for his athletic ability. 

   His merit as receiver also earned him and his team, the Golden Tigers, several noteworthy places in the Top 100 national rankings. Placing 44th in scoring offense, 50th in third down conversion percentage, tied for 81st in first downs, 90th in total offense, along with several others.

   Agee has not only changed things as a football coach but as a physical education teacher and a college and career readiness teacher (CCR) as well.

   His teaching technique in P.E. is a bit unique. Students in his will build and tweak their own workout plans, and then the next day put them into action and evaluate what works.

   Although this is his first year teaching, he has experience working with children through a non-profit organization, Learning Tree, which helps children with developmental disabilities. This experience in helping others learn had a great impact on his current career. 

   His start in CCR has been relatively positive. “It’s been smooth, I don’t really have anything to compare it to,” Agee said.

   He plans to change how students perceive learning and living by incorporating his own experiences in addition to altering his teaching strategies to help students learn while motivating and encouraging them to be the best they can be.