Howell takes over credit recovery

    Teacher assistant Logan Howell went from a cow milker in college to a credit recovery teacher at George County High.

      Howell started out working in college at a local farm milking cows to earn a living until she could get a more permanent job such as the one she has now. However, she sees her future here at George County High School ” Once a Rebel always a Rebel”, Howell stated. 

   In her college days, she raised cattle, specifically cattle to show, which she took part in and enjoyed.

    Howell graduated at George County in 2013 and got her degree at Mississippi State in 2019. In college, Howell received a degree in agriculture education which is a giant step away from what she does now. Logan came back in order to be closer to her roots,“ This is home”, Howell said.

   Howell has been assigned to facilitate credit recovery, which is a course for students who do not pass an accredited class or need an extra credit to graduate. Howell is persistent in her teaching methods; however, they vary as they cater to each of her student’s individual needs.

   She has a young son that she is very proud to have and cherish.  Her favorite color is yellow, “because of the sunflowers”.

    Logan enjoys traveling to various places around the United States: however, her favorite place she has traveled to is the coast of Oregon.