Popular app grows among teens

Kayla G. Maples, Staff Reporter

   An app that was released in 2020 has now become popular over the United States. As of April, it was the 10 most popular app with 21.6 million users in July.

   The app is called BeReal, where the user is notified once a day. It allows a user a limited time of two minutes per day to take a photo of what is in front of him or her and to also take a selfie at the same time. If the photo is not taken in two minutes, then the user is considered late.

   BeReal is used for the user to be real in the moment.The app does not have any filters so it is able to show the real version of oneself.

    “ I think it helps me keep in mind about having a routine because I do it everyday,” sophomore Avery Box said.

    Until an individual has posted a BeReal, they lack the ability to see what their friends have posted. Some users of the app dislike this feature.

 Many people like the app because it is another way one can keep up with friends.

   “I like to get on there and see what my friends are doing,” senior Bubba Herrington said.

   Junior Gracie Smith states the reason she likes the app is because if she is  doing something fun she can post it.