‘Night of Worship’ will be held Sept. 24

Cailey Crosby, Staff Reporter

   This year 601 Youth pastor Dakota White has organized a Night of Worship for the high school as he tries to start a revival throughout the new generation.

   This will be the first time something like this has ever been held at the school, other than a few small Bible clubs. It will be held Sept. 24 at 7:00 p.m. in the high school gym. It is expected to be far from small. 

   “We are looking for around 1,000 people to show up,” sophomore Jenna Wallace said.

   If everything goes according to plan, they will hold one at the middle school along with another Night of Worship in the spring for both schools.

  Along with Wallace, the other people singing will be sophomores Bryce O’Neal, Gabby Cochran, Preslee Howell, junior Autumn Moss, GCHS alumnus Caleb Stokes and worship leader Rebecca White from 601 Youth. They will sing a total of eight songs for the night.

   After worship is over, White will speak with the intention of starting a revival in the school. He would like to reach all of the lost people from the George County community.

   Everyone in the community is invited to join together to worship, in hopes the gym bleachers will be filled with people. White would like to help build a more faithful community.