Student navigates busy lifestyle

Grace L. Morgan, Staff Reporter

   As my ears adjust to the annoying but familiar sound of my alarm, my fingers find the snooze button before the dreadful noise becomes unbearable.

   Six snoozes later (one hour and 30 minutes), I gather up the urge to start getting ready for my day. I wake up at 6:30a.m. and usually aim to leave by 7:00a.m. (which mostly tends to never happen). 

   After I get ready and pick out a spur of the moment outfit, I feed my kitten and head to school. Once I am there, I grab some quick breakfast from the cafeteria and walk to my Algebra III class. Luckily, my class is right beside the entry to the school, so my walking time is reduced. 

   Every morning we complete ACT prep bell work that is timed to train us for the actual ACT. While doing the timed quiz, I quickly eat my breakfast to avoid missing any important information in the lesson. Then, I take my notes for the daily lesson, finish up any work for other classes that day and head to my second block.

   Each day I enter my U.S. history class, I immediately go straight to the back seat next to the window to avoid turning into a block of ice. Most of this class consists of taking pages on top of pages of notes, which is bearable. We watch an informational video, then end the class with a couple minutes of free time. 

   Finally, lunch rolls around. I enter the line, which is usually lengthy, and then take my tray to my seat. Lunch is not the most sociable time for me, so I mainly focus on work or communicate with my significant other.

   Following lunch, it is time for journalism. This class requires a lot of after school work and gives me many responsibilities. In return, I am able to gain privileges only few students have. Any day in journalism is never the same. We are either writing stories, going out for interviews or brainstorming ideas for the rest of the school year. As a yearbook editor, I spend part of the time in this class coming up with the yearbook logistics. This class passes by awfully fast, since I am almost always busy.

   Lastly, I attend my Chemistry class. Following our slide presentation and notes, we have worksheets where we complete problems using the information we learned in the notes. 

   At 2:50p.m., the bell releases us to travel home. However, I head straight to work. My shift, which consists of cleaning and making all sorts of drinks, lasts for a couple of hours. 

   Once I make it home from work, I focus on doing my homework. I also spend a chunk of time on Pinterest looking through ideas to make our yearbook top tier. If I have time, I read part of my online novel or take a nap to catch up on sleep. 

   At 7:00p.m. I head to my karate class. I lead the exercise that gets us warmed up for practice. I not only practice bag techniques, but I spar the students to gain one on one fighting experience. Being more mental than physical, karate has helped me to learn self-discipline and has made me strive to be the best version of myself. 

   When karate is over and I make it back home, the adrenaline I had before, completely disappears. With multiple sore muscles, I finish my night by completing my chores and spending time with my family. Once I finally make it to my bed, my kitten jumps on my chest and cues it is time for sleep. After a busy day, it is obvious that being a high school student can be dreadful. However, it can be enjoyable, depending on the decision to have a positive or negative outlook. 

    Although many adults underestimate the fact that teenagers juggle a lot for their age, teens in fact do. I myself have multiple things I participate in at school as well as having a job. Even though it takes a lot to be 16 and balance school plus life itself, having a work ethic makes it achievable.