School district alters COVID procedures

Haylea Smith, Staff Reporter

   Due to the decreasing numbers of kids out with COVID, the George County School Board has decided to change its procedures on quarantines. 

   “We changed our policies after school started, so the only ones who had to quarantine were the ones who tested positive,” school nurse Jodi Sumrall said. 

   Some of the CDC’s new policies are that if a student tests positive they must stay home for up to five days. If they do not show symptoms after day five then they must wear a mask for the next five days outside of their house. If someone inside of the students household tests positive they ask for them to wear a mask and be cautionary for the next ten days.

   “The CDC says that you may resume normal activities just to monitor for symptoms, so that’s what we’re following,” Sumrall said.

   The district numbers show that this year the larger schools have had an average of about 50 quarantines and the smaller schools with about 10 to 20. 

   “I’m glad that it’s finally starting to slow down a little bit,” Sumrall said.