Clubs kick off year


Sydney Pittman

The flowers are blooming in horticulture.

Sydney R. PIttman, Staff Reporter

Drama Club

   The Drama Club is sponsored by Joy Smith. The first show will hopefully be Nov, 10.  It is called “Teachers on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown.”

  Outdoors Club    

   The Outdoor club is sponsored by CTE Assistant director Morgan Dean. Currently it is still being worked on for the trails and getting other small things done. The trails hopefully will be  cut and finished by September so they can have their first ride. More rides will be held  in October and November.

P7 Club

   P7 club founded by president  Grace Morgan. The club is going  to try and have a big P7 pep rally outside with food and drinks. Meetings are held every Tuesday at 7am in Room 59. ”It is about the devotion  but also fun for the kids,” Morgan said.

Interact Club

   Interact Club is sponsored by science teacher Marlana Broadhead. The club is about to vote for its officers. There are about 15 students interested in running for officers, and over 100 kids have signed up for the club this year. Some activities the club will be working with include cleaning up after home football games and helping with the George County fair.


   The horticulture classes are taught by Rick McMullan, and Courtney Dean helps him manage the greenhouses. Right now their best selling plant are mums, and it is perfect timing for the fall season. They are selling them for $5 each. During their last sale they completely sold out. 

”We were so excited they sold like that,” Dean said.  Hopefully coming up they will be having some more sales soon. To check it out you can go to GCHS Horticulture on Facebook. 

Key Club

   The Key Club is sponsored by business teacher Tina McDoniel. Something that is coming up is the Fall Festival on October 22 at the fairgrounds. They have to get everything organized and put up. And also start working on their Christmas event and plans.  They have elected officers. President is senior Madison Baker, and vice president is senior Thelma Davis.