Students lead new Bible study


Gavin Bradley

Joseph Colburn is one of the leaders of the 116 Club.

Gavin Bradley, Staff Reporter

A new club has been created at the high school.

   The club comes together every Thursday at 7:10 a.m. The 1:16 Club is a nondenominational club that was created so that everyone feels included and welcome and so they can study any religion.

   ¨ We want the student body to know that no matter what season they are in, or where their circumstances find them, that they are welcomed by us and God,¨ junior Maddie Ferguson.

   This usually lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, and people who attend will usually be driven to places for breakfast, such as McDonalds, or food will be provided in the room. The club’s first meeting was held on Sept. 8. The club will have its meetings every Thursday in Room 9.

Junior Noah Wallace says that the 1:16 club is basically an alternate to the P-7 Bible Club. 

   Ferguson says that she wants to alternate their leaders to keep things interesting. Her main reason for starting the club, she says, is to take a stand for the student body, to show the student body that the students are cared for.

¨We really want to change their morning, and give them a different mindset,” senior Joseph Colburn.

Colburn says the main goal of the club is to inspire students, and to make their mornings a little better.