Business hosts rock concert


The Velcro Pygmie’s album picture.

Khalyce Griffin, Staff Reporter

   The Velcro Pygmies will be traveling to George County to rock with the Rebels.

   The group is a hard rock band originating from Louisville, Kentucky. In 1990 the band was formed, since then it has been through many changes of members, currently consisting of Jason Reed on bass, Cameron FIener on vocals, Chris Eddins on drums and Delicious on guitar.

   Computer science teacher Stephanie Long has even been to one of their concerts in her college years.

   “Their concerts are very high-energy, loud, fun, exciting, and hot,” Long said. 

   The CTE business class will host the concert through the Reach-and-Teach program, which allows students to get hands-on experience with planning and promoting. The class is also the first one in the state of Mississippi to participate in the program.

 “We make the checklist, make sure everything gets done and we make sure every part is getting done,” manager for the project, sophomore Kaylee Bonetti said.

   The class is divided into three different groups including promotion, hospitality, finance and vending. Culinary will be providing food for the band, and law and public safety will be providing security.

   “The class has been going through a whole nine weeks curriculum on marketing, promoting, selling and financing,” business teacher Tina McDoniel said.

   All the profit that the class makes will go toward their Skills USA competition and any other competitions that they attend.

   Tickets will be sold on the stage on Tuesdays and Thursdays, $5 for general admission, $20 for the general admission and a shirt and $30 for VIP front row seats, a shirt and a meet and greet.

   The concert will be held on Nov. 8, during the fourth block.