Solomon offers equal opportunities



Bryson Solomon

Alysa Dixon, Staff Reporter

   Bryson Solomon, a jack of all trades, offers a helping hand for any special education student in need while being an assistant softball coach for the Lady Rebels. 

   This is Solomon’s first year taking on the role of a teacher assistant in the special education department at the high school. He graduated in 2016 at George County and went to college at East Mississippi right after. 

    Solomon helps students with special needs feel that they are just as important as any other student. He also helps students with mobile disabilities navigate easily through the building assisting them in any way possible. He tries to give them every opportunity to have a fair chance to  succeed. He is very proud to be a mentor and a role model for his students.

   “Teachers might be the only role models students have and need,” Solomon said.

    He believes that the students he cares for are above any amount of money. Solomon states that his favorite part about his job in special education is seeing the kids. Another thing he loves about his job is that small achievements are big deals.

   Solomon’s middle name is Dale, which comes from a famous baseball player Dale Murphy. He does not have any children of his own and enjoys his favorite things: hunting, fishing and softball. He was born and raised in George County and does not see any interest in leaving for a good long time.

 “I tried to leave but wanted to come back to my roots,” Solomon said.