Student body elects new officers


Kalifornia Gentry

 “The new members  of the Freshman Class officers are……” An announcement that puts us all on edge is the results of the new class officers. 

   The new and returning  class officers have been announced for this school year. Freshman  President is Cambree Passeau, Vice President Natalie Dixon, Secretary Halle Cecchi and Treasurer Lani McDoniel. Class Representatives are Ally Byrd, Ella Dean and Aliva Stringer. 

   “ I was really excited but also nervous.” said McDoniel

     The freshman class also voted on the new student council members, Jordyn Bradley, Natalie Dixon, Kaydence Lloyd, Cambree Passeau and Jacqueline Torres were elected.

   Returning as sophomore class officers are  President J.T. Slay, Vice President Cayne Passeau, Secretary Avery McArthur and Treasure Lilykate Hubbard. class representatives are Zoe Blankenship, Avery Box and Libbie Kate Slay.

   Junior returning President Maggie Ferguson, Vice President Boston Eubanks, Treasurer Alyssa Holland and new officer Secretary Cailey Crosby. class representatives are Tyja Smith, Greenleigh Strahan and Noah Wallace.

   “It felt really honoring,” said Crosby. She says that one of her goals as an officer is to help her class raise money for the school to have an amazing prom.

    The junior prom committee consists of Jennifer Diaz, Caroline King and Gracie Smith.

  Kalifornia Gentry