Cross Country starts strong



Kayla Lofton

Alysa Dixon, Staff Reporter

      The cross country track team has seen good results in their three meets of the season.

     On Sept. 12, the George County team faced Hattiesburg for the Forerunner XC Challenge. Sophomore Kayla Lofton and junior Ethan Fisher ended with the best times. Lofton placed 12th finishing with the best time for the girls team, along with Fisher placing 7th having the best time for the boys team. 

    On Sept. 17, participants Lofton and Fisher fought hard to have the best times, and they succeeded. Fisher believes that it takes dedication to win a race or even get Top Ten.  

   “In order to win and grow through practices easily I ran all through summer until it was easy to run all of my miles,” Fisher said.

      At practice both teams do a lot of running while adding in fun to prepare for their upcoming meets. During practice the team makes sure to stay hydrated as the heat can be unbearable and cause dehydration.  

  “ It is important to not give up and to have a can-do attitude in order to place ahead,” Lofton said. 

    George County’s cross country boy’s and girl’s team will be competing again on Oct. 6, in Gulfport.