New app gains popularity among teens

Kalifornia Gentry, Staff Reporter

   New apps are always on the rise every week but one app has topped the charts, this app being GAS.  

   Gas is a new social media platform to complement your friends or random people.  “We wanted to create a place that makes us feel better about ourselves.” said the creators of GAS. On other social media platforms people focus too much on what they don’t have and what they don’t look like. GAS lets everyone focus on their innermost and outermost being and the beauty’s behind them,  but some students have their own thoughts about the app.

   “ The app confuses me because I didn’t do a lot of talking during my years of high school so nobody really knows me except a few people and it bugs me because they could randomly just pink for stuff and they don’t know how I act or who I even am so it makes me think there false compliments.” Senior Micheal Woodard said.

    On the app it gives the user  a random assortment of questions with four names to pick from those four names being kids from your school, in response picking the name that the user thinks fits the question best. One question being “Always asks how your day’s going and genuinely cares.” in response to you picking the name that fits that best. 

   “I like the flames that people give me, it makes me feel better about myself,” freshman Addison Davis said.

   There have been some ups and downs with the app such as safety concerns. 

“I don’t like that the app asks my location, school and grade,” Davis said. There have been concerns on why the aps ask for such personal information and it makes some people a little uncomfortable. Ways to protect personal information is by denying to share contacts and location with the app. 

   The app has been a great way to share compliments all across the school.

Kalifornia Gentry