Drama Club revives performances with teacher parody


Kalifornia Gentry

The GCHS Drama Club has been reestablished and has already seen success in its first production of the year.
It presented “Teachers on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” in November to several audiences.
“I was going through some of the old scripts that the drama teachers before me had,” drama teacher Joy Smith stated as for her inspiration for this production.
She came upon the script, “Teachers on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown,” and it made her laugh out loud. Smith thought that this would be a perfect first production; it was easy, small and funny.
Smith started regular readings and working rehearsals with her drama club to create this production.
It has been a long time since there has been a play put on by the drama club. “Well since COVID ended, I had students wanting to put on a production,” Smith said.
So Smith found the script and the drama club started to rehearse for its three performances, including one that was a dinner and a show.
There were many students who prepared themselves for their parts in their own ways.
“I rehearsed lines over and over, practiced in front of friends, and I always took three deep breaths before I stepped on stage.” said freshman Savannah Clarkson.
Many students already felt prepared mentally “ I already felt very prepared, I was ready.” said freshman Lucy Jackson.
The students who participated in the play described it as an amazing experience and they built so many new friendships, and it helped some of the students to step outside of their comfort zone. According to cast members, the production was described as very well put together and it was amazing.
“ It played out amazingly, we had an amazing cast and an even more amazing teacher, so everything was put together very well.” Clarkson said.
Smith claims she plans to have another production next semester or at least work on one.