Sports Briefs

Gavin Bradley, Staff Reporter


   The Lady Rebel Softball team is ready to compete this year.

   The team began a few weeks ago by starting their off-season throwing program.

Coach Kasey McCann has been teaching basic techniques and working on the skills of her individual players. 

“We will continue to work on our individual skills and then bring them together as a whole,” McCann said.

   The softball staff has welcomed assistant coach Jay Smith. Smith has won three state championships at his previous schools.

“I am excited to have him on board, as he brings experience and knowledge of the game to our coaching staff,” McCann said.

   Last year, the Lady Rebels finished the season 16-13. They placed third in their division, finishing the regular season 10-11, and a playoff record of 6-2 going on to play in the South State Championship.

   The season starts on February 13, 2023 at Forrest County Agricultural High School. 


   Tryouts for the Powerlifting Team were December  8, 2022. The team is split into two teams. These two are then split into different weight classes. 

   Coach Kenneth Burns says the requirements are you need to be able to squat and dead-lift with weights. 

   The highlights of their upcoming season will be the regional meet, the south state meet, and the state championship.


Track season starts in January, and Coach Michael Warren insists that any student should try.

   Warren says that he does not usually cut people, and that if they want to join, just show up. 

   They  don’t necessarily need to be fast, but they  need to be willing to improve themselves.