Rebel baseball prepares for season


Kayla G. Maples

Rebel Baseball begins its season Saturday, Feb. 11 in a jamboree at Greene County

Gavin Bradley, Staff Reporter

   The Rebels baseball team is preparing for its upcoming season hoping to win big.

   Last year the Rebels ended their season 22-11 in the second round of playoffs, and Coach Brandon Davis believes they can do just as good or better this year. 

“I am looking forward to the next few years,” Davis said.

   While they lost two seniors, he feels like they have a shot.

   Senior Taite Davis is confident that the Rebels will surpass the others by far, as the team has been putting in extra practice and the team will also keep working out during their season to make sure they are at their strongest.

“I’m looking forward to winning, being DC [District Champs], and beating every team that we lost to,” Davis said.

   Senior Bubba Herrington is also confident that they will do better than last year. He looks forward to winning.

“I’m looking forward to winning the State Championship for 5A,” Herrington said.

The Rebels opens its season with a Jamboree on Feb. 11 at Greene County, and have their first regular season game on Feb. 14 at Claude Passeau Field.